What’s your signature color?

It’s takes a lot of trial and error for a lady to look flawless in a shade of lipstick. Most believe they can see Rihanna rocking a shockingly red pout and think that they too can effortlessly have killer, jaw-dropping lips. Immediately following this inspiration, a majority walk into Walgreens or their local Target, find the cheapest brand of a crimson lipstick and call it a win. Not until they get home that $2.99 plastic capped piece of crap do they realize maybe, just maybe Sephora would have been a better option. Instead of going with their instinct, they peel off the plastic wrap (if it’s even still sealed), look in mirror, give themselves the best fish lips pucker they’ve been trying to master in their selfies and swipe, swipe, “Uhh… why do I not look like Ri Ri?!” Next thing you know, lipstick is sworn off. Lipstick is not the answer and Spearmint ChapStick is the only balm that will grace their lips until they are forced otherwise, probably on their wedding day. 

I may know this scenario because I was once accustomed to the make-up section of my local Target. Wet ‘n Wild may have been my first go at lipstick like many of you. In no way am I saying that Revlon or Covergirl doesn’t have a spot in my cosmetics bag, but there are some products in which quality matters.

Here lies my point, lipstick. Nothing beats great lipstick. 


I found this guide on Pinterest and I think it is the absolute bee’s knees. Not only does it show how a lady can beautifully rock many different shades of lipstick, it also shows the array of brands of lipsticks that are on the shelves out there. Long-lasting lipstick is something that has changed my look so much so that I now have a hard time leaving the house without dabbling in my favorite shade.

Currently, I am addicted to LipStick Queen’s “Wine” (http://www.lipstickqueen.com). This particular shade of love took me around 30 minutes to choose while testing shade after shade at my local Ulta. I knew what I wanted : matte, red but not too red, with a hint of maroon. Now, when I expressed what I wanted to the wonderful lady who was helping me, she did give me quite a questionable look. I knew exactly what I wanted but if you don’t, do not be afraid to test out as many lipsticks as you want. That’s their job and that’s what they are there for. So I went on to test shade after shade, most of which were not enough this and too much of that, until finally, I slid this magical shade across my lower lip, then the top, and BAM! I walked out of that store 3 inches taller and 100% more confident. 

So my word of advice is: Find your shade, don’t be ashamed, and push your shoulders back, honey. 

Lipstick is a lifesaver.